Our Ministries

We believe in sharing the work and blessings of God's calling both near and far. For many years we have supported our missionaries and their work both in the U.S. and around the world. As important as the financial support to our full-time missionaries is, we also believe in doing some of our mission work ourselves. We have in the past, and continue presently, working locally in the Toledo area and reaching out across the U.S. We also work in conjunction with other churches, ministering to those less fortunate in Mexico. Here is a listing of some things we do.


Provide financial support to our missionaries in India.
Ron and Karen Clayton


Provide financial support to our missionaries in Nigeria.
Dr. Moses Obong Christian School


Preaching Training School, Lima
Joe and Laura Derr-Preaching Training School, Lima, Peru

United States

Preacher Support - Rogers City, Michigan.

Preacher Support - Bowling Green, Ohio

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief - Nashville, Tennessee

Provide food, clothing, and finances to those in need locally.


Danny Duncan

        Involvement Minister​​

Matt Neely

        Education Minister​​



PANTRY NEEDS: • Pancake Mix • Pancake Syrup • Tuna Helper • Tuna Fish • Crackers • Canned Corn • Mac & Cheese • Spaghetti Sauce • Canned Spaghetti • Peanut Butter • Pork & Beans

Community Outreach


The Giveaway - twice a year we provide the community with gently clothing and household items for free. Item Donations are accepted year round. Please contact the office for more information

Community Day - We host this event every summer. There is food and activities for all ages. This event is free to attend.